The quality of the product and service is our priority. We focus on the processes aimed at improving the quality control of manufactured clothing. No structural or visible defects are allowed on any product, at any stage or in any process. Quality control is implemented in every process at every stage of production.

Managing the quality of preparatory production (Pre-production)

We carry out quality control in our warehouse. (Quality inspectors check for defects, colorfastness, the percentage of deformation and crimp, the presence of holes, stains, stripes, etc., or inconsistencies in quantity/width, etc.).

No mass production can be approved before the approval of the pre-production sample (quality inspectors check the design, manufacturing technology, compliance with the table of measures, seams, and other features of each of the samples).

Managing the quality of sewing process

An in-process control is carried out on each sewing thread. The quality is checked at all stages of the sewing process: we check the cut, equipment, sewing threads and needles, stitching defects, we also check the size of clothing, seams, fabric shades, the quality of prints, embroidery, and so on. Thus, we carry out 100% final control.

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Managing the cutting quality

We check marks, notches, fabric width/marker width, label match, overall quality of cut-out parts, etc.

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Managing the finishing quality

Quality control of embroidery, prints, and finishing elements. Confirmation of the correctness of their placement, compliance with the agreed sample, assessment of the strength and abrasion resistance of finishing materials. Resistance to creasing. We are especially concerned about the ecological safety of each process. We are closely monitoring the fact that the trend of reducing water use is developed sustainably. We understand the need for developments in this area and are the initiators of changes. We hope that the initiatives taken will allow us in the near future to bring the direction of setting sustainable development processes into a separate type of services provided by us.

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Managing the packaging quality

Quality control specialists carry out the final inspection of the appearance and shape of clothing. The dimensions and seams are controlled. A check is carried out for the absence of outside contamination. According to the packaging instructions, we check the information on the labels, hangers, and export boxes.

Our Equipment

We constantly monitor industrial technologies and invest in our equipment to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and exceed their expectations. Participation in the world’s leading textile equipment exhibitions allows us to stay up to date with the latest developments and be leaders in the field of new technological solutions in the processes of preparation, cutting, sewing production, and quality control.

Our machinery is represented by well-known and well-established brands on the market, such as Pfaff, Lectra, Brother, etc. Also in the staff of each factory, there are technical specialists responsible for the serviceability and configuration of equipment.