Welcome to LLC ”GALSA”, one of the best services in clothes production in Uzbekistan. We’ve been working in the fashion industry since 1994 and all this time all our experts (designers, constructors, technologists, managers, and tailoresses) have been doing their best to find the best solution for every customer.

Services in clothes production

We provide a wide range of services in the area of clothes production. From initial idea to delivery to your door. Design, technical documentation, construction, samples production, materials search, mass production, packaging, quality control, delivery, etc.

Any gender and age

We are known as a manufacturer of clothing for men and women as well as garments for children and newborns. Although we can produce almost everything, we specialize in the production of items cut jersey: polo shirts, T-shirts, tracksuits, home apparel predominantly of cotton fiber.

All types of cotton

Every season we buy tons of various cotton fibers to be ready to execute any urgent order. Depending on the function of the product we can offer you fibers of the finest long-staple cotton-penie, sturdy cotton-ring, or voluminous short-staple cotton open-end.

Variety of finishing

We are equipped with various types of sewing and finishing equipment, which allows us to apply the following types of prints: water, plastizol, photo, puff, volume, rubber, foil.


The manufacturing process in our clothing factories is under strict control. The independent department of quality control and our innovations allow us to produce merchandise of the highest quality at the lowest prices possible. We make no compromise in quality.


We have more than 25 years of experience in the garment industry. We are known as a reliable and trusted supplier. We appreciate the recognition of the industry and continue to sharpen our skills and raise the level of our service. That’s why leading brands trust us and value our partnership.

Our data:

mln items 
a year
years of experience

Brands that trust us

Over the years our staff/employees have established excellent long-term relationships with a lot of our clients. Famous and popular brands have been our customers. We are proud of our long-term cooperation with them and believe that mutual trust and commitment (loyalty) are the keys to success.

BOSCO Sports goods   ο   SPORT CONСEPT   ο   Detskiy Mir   ο   MODIS   ο   INСITY   ο   Gazprom   ο   Lukoil   ο   Tatneft   ο   MTS   ο   Beeline   ο   Megafon   ο   McDonald’s   ο   KFC   ο   Dodo Pizza

The production process, how it usually works

Pre-contract work

Negotiationscontract terms
order prices
Pricingcalculation of prices on requests
decors to make decisions for placing orders

Working on the contract

1. approval and signing of the order
2.calculation of materials and components
3.elaboration of samples on materials, accessories, labeling and provision to the client for approval
4.placing orders for canvas and accessories
5.development of primary samples for certification
6.elaboration of pps (preproduction samples) and coordination with the client
7.launch of the batch in bulk production — cutting-printing, embroidery
9.wto, packaging
10.preparation of documents for export, customs clearance of/for UZB
11.international transport — customs clearance in Moscow
12.local transport to the customer’s warehouse

Terms of cooperation (payment, delivery, refund)

We implement a flexible model of business where all the stages are interconnected — from payment terms to cost evaluation of a particular model. This allows us to offer you favorable/convenient terms of cooperation. We work on prepayment, we are ready to pay by letter of credit, we carry out deliveries on the terms of deferred payment.